How Can We Donate?

I am looking at and i don’t see a donate option and i really think there should be one (via paypal maybe since it’s the easier way).

I don’t know how much money would get via this option, but i do know that i make money using Yii and Yii dev team time, so i really think we should give something back (except reporting bugs, asking for features, etc).

This can only lead to make Yii better, either that the staff would be a bit more motivated or by paying for servers, etc. It doesn’t really matter as long as we have a way to show our appreciation for their work.

For Yii dev team, if you agree with this, please implement this in the main website.

Agree. I also would like to support project with donations (via Paypal, etc.) and i also was a bit puzzled on why there are no such options. +1 from me.

I prefer support with code and unit tests but since donations were requested before we’ll probably come up with something.

@resurtm - that’s pretty nice of you having in mind you are on the dev team.

@samdark - yeah but since not all developers can support via fixing code and writing unit tests(maybe not enough spare time, or maybe not experienced enough), then the donation is another way to go.

I agree with twisted.

You should definitely need money to sustain the project, even if there are enough contributors who could contribute in the coding or testing.

I wonder how you are paying for Yii project site and IPB license, for instance.

Also: We need Yii merch. Coffee mugs, t-shirts, key bands. That sort of thing. Especially coffee mugs. In superplus size.

@softark: I believe IPB gave away a license to their forum software as a donation.

No, they did not.

No? Huh, I thought they did. Well, there more you know …

Ah, so it’s been a donation. But not by IPB.