How Can We Do With Cjuidatepicker Onchangemonthyear Option

can anyone tell me why it is not working for me?

actual question: [size="2"]When browsing dates in the date picker, a default day has to be selected, if no selection is done.

i did it manually in the Jquery Datepicker but in YII using Zii Widget i am not getting…[/size]

$this->datePickerOptions = array(

                    	'showAnim' => 'fold',

                    	'dateFormat'=>'dd M yy',

                    	'changeMonth' => 'true',


                    	'constrainInput' => 'false',

                    	'firstDay' => 1,

                    	'onChangeMonthYear' => 'js:function (year, MM, inst)


                        	var selectedDate = new Date();


                        	selectedDate = Date.parse(MM + "" + _currentDay + " " + year );

                        	this.value=selectedDate.toString("dd MMM yyyy");


Fixed the Issue :)