How Can I Use Yii Library In My Application.

Hello everyone.

In my current job, they are very scared to try anything new and won’t let me play with yii as a framework. however I still would like to use it regardless of what they think.

so the current situation.

we have an in house custom application, it’s not really an MVC per say, it’s on it’s own world.

moreover, I was wondering if I can just use the yii library by it self without using the yii controller, yii view or model, rather I would like to be able to use the YII DOA and other amazing classes .

so my question-is there a stand alone Yii library that I can just call the classes that I need and use them without actually installing a Yii application as a whole. if so how, can you please show how me an example on how the library can behave .

thank you

I am also interested this topic. In most case we import/extend other libraries into Yii. Not sure how we can call Yii functions from external. How to configure that?

OR maybe it’s better not to extend Yii into other framework?

The components in Yii are quite tightly coupled as Yii’s primary intent is to be a fast framework that is reasonably easy to learn. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult to pick out specific components for use in other applications.

I think one framework that allows you to do that is zend

also symfony components could help in this matter, or auraphp.

With Yii is a bit more difficult indeed, i don’t think it worth the effort to make it work like so, given that it hasn’t been designed for this.

Oh yes, zend my least favorite, it sure can do that, but it has such horrible documentation.

Lol. I won’t classify it as horrible but there’s almost zero hand holding so its up to you to do your own implementations