How Can I Use Gmaps In Yii In Simple Steps

hi guys, i am working on my educational project i want to use gmaps, if i have a merchant address how can i show his location on google maps with in a div inside the merchant profile so the users can easily find his shop from the map , tell me in steps plzz thanks ( i have used email extensions before )

Get the EGMap extension from the extensions section and learn how to use it, it’s pretty simple. Good luck.

Thought I would register to address this subject as my first post.

As someone that has made relatively complex map applications (https:, view in Firefox, Chrome, or newer IE), I would suggest against using the EGMap extension. A ton of stuff hasn’t been wrapped in PHP code that is available in the Google Maps API now and there really isn’t an easy way to handle large amounts of markers/polygons/etc. with the available PHP code. You might as well just code your application using the Javascript API code and learn how to work it directly that way. But if you’re not planning on anything complex, I suppose you could use the EGMap extension, but there really isn’t any benefit at all by using it as opposed to just doing it in pure Javascript/JQuery and reading the API documentation.

While I agree with your position that EGMap may not be suitable for all projects, from the OP’s message it seems that his needs are quite simple and therefore can be handled by EGMap, particularly if he’s asking for someone else to do the work for him, as Javascript/jQuery and reading the API documentation require effort.

i have used EGmaps it works well i don’t have enough time to do complex things, thanks for your idea will try it in future… :)