How Can I Set The Baseurl Of A Module

hi, acutally I didnt find a answer on my question in the forum so I decided to start a new topic.

We are going to split our application into modules and face some problems with that. First of all it was no problem to get the controllers / views and models to the right place and with the correct routing everything works fine

what we do in the Url Manger is f.e.

‘controller/action’ => ‘module/controller/action’,

but if we generate a Link with CHtml::normalizeUrl() the build link doesnt have the correct structure







we would need


is there any way to solve this

thanks in advance for any hint

OK, (I thought about hiding module name while ago), you may have to hardcode url rules for your module/controller

like this:











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(not a tip, snippet or tutorial)

Thanks a lot for your reply. Actually I hoped there would be a nice way.