How Can I Pass Some Value To Fancy Box View

hello guyz, i am stucked if any one have idea kindly share with me i am using fancybox to confirm the location of a user on gmap i want to pass the value of the textarea to the view to find the location of the user to show it on gmap through fancybox that is it ur desired location

here is my code


<div class="row" id="address">

<?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'address'); ?>

<?php echo $form->textArea($model,'address',array('class'=>'signupTextArea'),array('size'=>60,'maxlength'=>100))."  ".$form->error($model,'address',array('style'=>'display:inline')); ?>





    echo CHtml::link('Your location on map ', array('merchant/map'),array('id'=>'loc','style'=>'display:inline'));

		$this->widget('application.extensions.fancybox.EFancyBox', array(

		'target' => 'a#loc',

		'id' => 'referrallink',

		'config' => array(

			'type' => 'iframe',

			'width' => 600,

			'height' => 400,




   echo "Here is The gmap code which is rendering the map but i want to set the address that comes from the textarea is there any solution to store it in session and get it there ??"


public function actionMap()