How can I migrate the yii-user extension? How work the migration command in yii


Here is the extension:

I am sorry, but I a beginner yii “user”. And I don’t understand this section: “yiic migrate --migrationPath=user.migrations”. What is mean the a migrationPath? Is it the yii-user extension migration dir([font=“Courier New”]/protected/modules/user/migrations[/font])? or the webapp in the [font=“Courier New”]/protected/migration[/font] dir.

I try this command on my ubuntu, but it’s dont’ work( and of course, I tried a lot of variation for the migrate command :rolleyes: ):


blaces@killer:/var/www/yiiUser/protected$ ./yiic migrate --modules/user/migrations=user.migrations

Error: Unknown action: modules/user/migrations=user.migrations


  yiic migrate [action] [parameter]


Please help me. Maybe I do something wrong… :-[

Do not bother

If you never don’t use migration before. Just do next step:

  1. move all file from ext.user.migration to protected/migration

  2. type ./yiic migrate

  3. Check your database table

it must work

Thank you very much! It’s work! :)