How Can I Install Only One Directory By Composer From The Vendor/package? Or Delete Directories After Installation?


Sorry my english isn’t too good. So I have a problem with the composer. It is that I can select which directory I would like to install from a package, or after installation delete them.

For example:

“yiisoft/yii” this is the vendor/package. But I would like to install only the “yiisoft/yii/framework” directory. I don’t like to keep the other directories.

I still find what will be the best solution for my problem.

I don’t need for the /demos, /test directories, only for just the /framework directory


You can keep the framework any where on your server but the framework folder path needs to be specified in the index.php file

// change the following paths if necessary...



Yes, I know this. But after I install the yii by Composer. In the vendor folder still stay the /demos directory. And my Netbeans has problem with the /demos directory… it found errors. :).

And I would like to aim that the Composer or something else can delete this folder always when I update or install the dependencies with Composer, and not always I delete them.

I don’t need the demo files in my webapp :). I need find some automation for this problem.