How Can I Get All Values Of A Row In Gridview


i have a data gridview like this:

id name description date

when i selected a row i can get id value with yiiGridView.getChecked() function, but i wanna get name, description and date values too from selected row. i couldnt find any expalanations about that. thanks in advance…

Hi, as far as I know there is no native way to do this only by Yii, so here is my own solution:

(I suppose that the checkbox column is the first column in your grid)

var checkedRowId=$("#id-of-grid").yiiGridView('getChecked', 'id-of-checkbox-column');

var name=null;

var description=null;

var date=null;

$("#id-of-grid tr").each(function(){

    if(checkedRowId==$(this).children(':nth-child(1)').find('input').val()){ // or if(checkedRowId==$(this).find(".checkbox-column input").val()){

        name=$(this).children(':nth-child(2)').text(); // second column

        description=$(this).children(':nth-child(3)').text(); // third column

        date=$(this).children(':nth-child(4)').text(); // 4th column






thanks dude. this is great.

i have a new question. i have two table; customers and products.

now i wanna work with this two tables in a page. for example i create products crud with crud generator. and in create page of products i wanna list customers with cgridview to select which product sold which user.


Post the codes that you have written so far to make it easier for me to help you…

i figured it out finally thanks for your helps.

now my only problem is selecting a row in cgridview with javascript. i searched forum but i dont find anything about it. how can i select a row with jscript externally.

thanks very much again…