How can i display the result on a Div



            'name' => 'Property Name',

            'value' =>"  CHtml::link(\$data->sale_active->RefName,\$data->sale_active->GetLink(),array('onclick'=> '\$('#details').html(data)'))",



This is my gridview i want that onclick that link to update a Div #details , what im doing wrong here , can someone give me a hand

array('name'=>'blogger_name','type'=>'raw','value'=>'CHtml::link("$data->blogger_name","profile/" .CHtml::encode($data->id))'),

use this code in your code.

it will pass value through url .get the value in action


public function action($id)



then create a view and render in action.

then show value in view using div.

Didnt really understond can you give me a example or something