How can I display a stored image from a CRUD from the backend to the frontend?

I am making my project and in the CRUD products I enter the name, description and image, but in the frontend only the name and description appear.

How can I make the image appear?

This is the code I use to display the information entered in the backend and displayed in the frontend.

can you show the chrome console log to see if you have any resource errors?

Unfortunately to publish images between two applications (backend & frontend) is not so straightforward.

An easy way is to create a symlink like this:

ln -s /your/document/root/backend/web/uploads /your/document/root/frontend/web

where “uploads” is the folder where you have your images uploaded


I understand that with this code:
Html::img( Url::to(’@imagenes/{$product->imagen}’)) ?>

I can call the image from the backend to the frontend through the address but it does not appear

From the inspector you can see how is translated your Url::to to see if the path is correct.
Grab the link and test it in another tab to see if you see the image


I don’t understand you

if you open chrome inspector and select the link that renders your image, you can see the Url that points to your image. You can copy and paste that link into the browser and see if the resource exists.
If the resource doesn’t exist maybe the code you paste is not correct.

Html::img( Url::to(’@imagenes/{$product->imagen}’)) 

The code above, in you chrome inspector, will be render as a link like this:

if not, maybe your alias is wrong.


What happens is that the image does not appear for inspection.

Obviously, your image doesn’t appear…
Can you post the selected html tag where the image is supposed to be?
Can you post the alias configuration?