How can I Combine Yii Rights and Yii User

I have installed latest version of Yii User and YII Rights successfully. But I am stuck on using User Role of YII Rights with YII User registration and further models(For example Category,Area etc…)controlling. I read any threads but still unable to find a suitable solution for me.

May be it is because of my awareness in Yii. I have only seven days experience in YII.

My Current project have 6 roles and each roles handles many Tasks and Operations. Kindly suggest a simple example for me.

Thanks in Advance. :)

Thank you very much. Sorry for the delay. I was assigned to another project and released from it yesterday. I have successfully installed today. But I have one doubt. YII Rights doesn’t required login. So just for better experience I tried Srbac. Srbac also doesn’t required login. Therefor how can i set login for Srbac or Yii Rights ?

Which is the best Permission Management Extension for YII?

Please help.