How Can I Add Dataconfig To Galleria Extension Options

I’m using the galleria extension[html][/html] I believe it should handle all of the options that Galleria can handle.

I am trying to use dataConfig option to allow html links in the description. I am trying to convert (from Galleria’s documentation)

dataConfig: function(img) {

        return {

            title: $(img).next('h2').html(), // tell Galleria to use the h2 as title

            description: $(img).siblings(.desc).html() // tell Galleria to grab the content from the .desc div as caption



to work in galleria extension’s options array

'options' => array(//galleria options

		//'height' => 750,

		//'width' => 500,

		'transition' => 'fade',

		//'autoplay' => '7000',

		'carousel' => true,

		'carouselSteps' => 4,

		'imagePosition' => 'top center',

		'imageCrop' => false,

		'maxScaleRatio' => 1,

		'thumbCrop' => false,

		'showCounter' => false,

		'showInfo' => true,

		'debug' => true


Any examples on how to do this?