How best to add a criteria in actionAdmin()?

In the Business model on the project I’m working on, I want to be able to add a criteria of status=1 when a link is clicked on:

'url'=>array('admin', 'status'=>1)

In the controller, the method actionAdmin() instantiates the model with $model=new Business(‘search’);

How do I modify the search results here? Can someone point me to where I can read about this? My searches so far have me lost.

try this, in your control:

public function actionAdmin($status = null) {

	//$model = new Business('search');

	$model = new Business;



	if (isset($_GET['Business']))


	if ($status)	//<--added

	   $model->status = $status;


	$this->render('admin', array(

		'model' => $model,



Interesting. I would not have guessed that but it worked.

Thanks rootbear.