How And Where To Save Uploaded Images From Imperavi Redactor

I am using imperavi redactor with image and file upload options.

The application template is "Advanced Application Template".

Image and file uploading established from frontend interface and currently I save them in ‘/frontend/web/uploads/images’ and ‘/frontend/web/uploads/files’ directories.

It is ok, working from frontend interface.

The problem is when admin from admin interface want to see pages with images, links to file, of course images and file links path are broken.

As I understand, it would be best to save uploaded things in ‘/common/uploads’ directory. But how can I get them back to show users? I mean url. Something like this is not working

'uploadUrl' => '../../common/uploads/images',

And also security issue arised.

Please, suggest how to implement this functionality.

any suggestions, I can not go on my project cause this issue.

Easy solution is to symlink it to backend webroot.