How Add Cjuidatepicker In Jqrelcopy On Yii Framework

I have a problem with CJuiDatePicker in the module JQRelcopy on Yii framework.

I use this module as I have a form with a datepicker field to be copied as many times as the user wishes.

The module works fine if I put a normal field (without datepicker), but as soon as I add the module CJuiDatePicker which is also a module of the Yii framework, I have a blank page appears. I followed the following tutorial: explains the integration jqrelcopy in a form containing CJuiDatePickerm, which is exactly what I need.

I study the problem and I saw that it was when I Atoute the following line in the properties of my widget JQRelcopy the problem occurs:

'jsAfterNewId' => JQRelcopy::afterNewIdDatePicker($datePickerConfig),


$this->widget('ext.jqrelcopy.JQRelcopy', array(

      'id' => 'copylink',

      'removeText' => 'remove',

      //add the datapicker functionality to the cloned datepicker with the same options

      'jsAfterNewId' => JQRelcopy::afterNewIdDatePicker($datePickerConfig),


I look in several forums and anywhere a person has had the same problem as me.

Can you help me?

Sorry, for my English