- Hot Sauce Review Site and Curated List/Database

I just launched this Yii powered site a week ago. It it the product of one designer and one developer. It was a personal project to learn the framework and to create a great looking reference list of all hot sauces. It was also my first attempt at a responsive design (try resizing your browser): - Review Hot Sauces

Some of the general features:

  • User Registration and Email Confirmation

  • User Profile Edit and Password Recovery

  • Add a Review Section with Some Nice jQuery UI Sliders and Custom JS for Letter Rating

  • Add a Sauce Page. Notifies User When I Approve in the Backend

  • Backend System for Admin Adding/Editing. Modified version of Gii generated stuff (this was a real time saver!)

  • Frontend Display of List + Each Sauce

  • Blog Section (Still need to add comments, once I get a secure system and possibly use Akismet)

Some helpful extensions:

  • extckeditor

  • mailer

  • recaptcha

  • sluggable behavior

Thanks to everyone on the forum that helped answer questions I had during the development.

nice design,

lookin gr8 and yummy…

Really nice and spicy design !!


I am evaluating Yii for a big development project.

Are there any things you learned doing your project that you could share as review of the Yii framework? <br />

Did it fall short in something?



The website looks beautiful but there are some security holes on your server;

Such as