Hi all,

We recently launched a complete new version of,, and

This is the first hotel booking website using responsive design! And it’s powered by Yii Framework :)

Very nice design!!!

Hi Knut,

looks gr8.

after , this is another fine app by you. +1 for this.

Can you share more information about project ( i.e extensions used, … … … or anything extra you used and want to share ).

Which technologies except Yii did you use?

Did you use CSS-frameworks, js or jq apps or plugins?

How long did you work on your project?

Please tell us more words about project.

Nice work mate! Very nice design. Did you use CSS-frameworks, js or jq apps or plugins?

Very nice and useful app. How did you compress CSS and js?

nice work and design …

this is very nice web app!!!i just want to know on the search,did you use any extension?? are these data fetched from database or!! thanx

Wow!!!!!!!!!! Nice website!

Happy coding.

nice work and design …

Don’t you have an English language website?

good work guys

Not really the "first" hotel booking website to use responsive design though - is it?

EDIT: I know that was a total troll - don’t take it that way please but let’s not get caught up in hyperbole

Callum Rexter

What are others?

Very nice website!!!

cool work

Whow… the design is so cool… nice… Good job. B)

It is fantast


Thanks for an inspiring web design :)

Grt work…Specially the responsive design for this website. Keep it up.

Nice work. One comment: for US English, dates are specified mm/dd/yy instead of the European standard of Doesn’t look like you are primarily targeting US speakers, but thought I’d mention it :slight_smile: