Hosting yii2 application on VPS server

[font=Arial,]We are using yii2 basic application template. We have a domain registered with Google and a hosting service of Linux VPS server with Host Gator.[/font]

[font=Arial,]We want our application to be used internally not to be accessible by all on the internet i.e, our application should be accessible by only our organization’s employees or within a certain range of kilometers. Others should not be able to access it at all.[/font]

[font=Arial,]How to accomplish this?[/font]

there many ways to skin a cat for example you can protect your app using a login or you can use webserver config to whitelist certain ips

You should be able to whitelist the IP for that. Only whitelist IP on your server for those who you want give the server access. I have done this on my server. I have hosted my app on a Linode server using a managed PHP and MySQL Hosting provider. I have to whitelist IPs of my freelance developers and for remote mysql connection though.