Horizontal List


is there any way to create an horizontal list in yii framework?


What to you mean by ‘horizontal list’ ?

i mean some kind of listBox but that the value will appear horizontally.

That i can configure in the CSS file it’s alignment (similar to display:inline for <ul><li>).

The items in the listBox can be thumbnail or any sting in a constant size.

i can’t use CMenu because i need to allow multiple selection.

i might be wrong but i saw that the listBox generate <select> tab, and i didnt find any way to change it alignment.


What I suggest:

  1. Create your custom form element method - named for example ‘horizontalListBox’. It would be situaded in class extended from CHtml - it could be named MyHtml for example - so class definition would be like ‘class MyHtml extends CHtml’.

  2. Inside this new method you would generate markup and css for ‘<ul><li></li></ul>’ with ‘display:inline;’.

  3. Also you would have to add JS necessary to simulate multiple select.

thank a lot , i will do it