Hope Get Class-Diagram About 2.0

I’m new to yii 2.0 but hope that can join the develop-group someday.Or…understand the whole yii at least

I’m reading the class code such as /yii/web/object、component and so on. But i think if the class-diagram about the whole yii code exist that can used to speed up learning ?If it does,where to find these resources?

Futher more,is there any resources of the reflection(think deeply) about how architect the whole yii? Not only how to use controller、how to use event…

Any help would be appreciated.


You can use PhpStorm to generate such a diagram. As for architecture, more and more docs will appear with time.




Thank you for your suggestion,PhpStorm looks very nice!(except need some dollar,:P).

It worth every penny.

Here the qualifying question - free NetBeans is not a good?

NetBeans is good but PhpStorm has extras worth paying for.