Home Page Displayed As Guest After Succesful Login Until Refresh

Hello guys, I have a quick question.

I noticed that after logging in to my yii application I get correctly redirected to my home page, but its appereance is the same of what guest users see before logging in (ie. the “login” link at top right is there). However if I refresh the page by pressing f5 everything is displayed correctly and the “bug” doesn’t return anytime until next login.

Has this happened to anyone before? Any code I can add to help your thoughts about it? It’s a minor bug but still… ::)

Thanks in advance to whoever will help, cheers!


Did you modify any code related with authentication ?

Maybe is a problem with your server…


The problem is not with my server. It works properly in my development site.

What do you mean by authentication ?

Either modify components/UserIdentity.php or by extending CWebUser etc

Is there the same issue creating a new Application by yiic (without modify any code) ?

I cross checked components/UserIdentity.php and WebUser.php with my development site. Both are similar.

I have not tried creating a new application with same code.

Will changing the redirect in htaccess affects this ? Because its not logging out when I click the other links in the navigation. It logs out only when I click the home link.

Please check/remove code or file that have suspicious behavior.

Make a new app and test it both localhost and on the server