Hiring fulltime and regular contract PHP developers in New York City and Chapel Hill, NC

Hey all,

We are looking for some new talent to join our team in either NYC (brooklyn) or Chapel Hill, NC – Developers, Designers, Sysops/DBAs, Project Managers, etc.

Our site lists a few of the positions available (http://www.asheavenue.com/careers/) but we’re honestly looking for any good developers (especially those with Yii experience) for regular contract/full time who like working on cool shit.

Our Yii sites:

Check out our site http://www.asheavenue.com/careers/

If you’re interested, send an email to jobs[at]asheavenue.com


FYI a few other requirements:

  • we are looking for people to work in-house not remotely.

  • the ability to speak english fluently is a requirement

  • contact by staffing agencies will be ignored