Hire 7+ Experienced Yii Developer at very affordable cost and consulting me is Free.

Hi All,

I am having 7+ of experience in PHP Framework development. I can work on most of the Framework but I am having expertise in Yii. Both Yii and Yii 2

Some advantage of Yii 2 over Yii

  1. Yii 2.0 requires PHP 5.4.0 or higher which makes use of latest features of PHP

  2. In Yii 1.1 On-event method is used by the stable version where custom event names are not allowed to use. However, in Yii 2.0 it is not necessary to define events for the On-event method.

  3. Yii 2.0 increases the usage of path aliases

  4. Query builder was scattered among several classes in the previous version Yii 1

  5. Plugins availability.

If you need my help feel free to contact me. I am available on $kype:- cisin.adrian


Adrian W.

Yii Expert