Hiphop & Yii

According to some benchmarks that I’ve checked out, Yii is already faster than most (if not all) of the popular frameworks out there as it is. I’ve been toying around with the idea about making it even faster. I’m not entirely sure of the implementation details as it’s simply a thought that’s been clanging around in the back of my head for a little while, so don’t chew me out for that ;). I’m curious to know if anyone else has already had similar thoughts or tried it, or even knows why an attempt wouldn’t yield anything useful…

The thought that I’ve had is to (possibly, if needed) modify Hiphop to not output a standalone server, but output code that would work nicely as a php module. There’s obviously a ton of work involved and it would most likely be really nit-picky and time consuming, but the idea is essentially to have the entire Yii framework running as a native PHP module, so I would think that it would help push the mileage even more than what Yii currently does.

Any thoughts or comments on the concept? I don’t want to start banging away at it if someone else with more experience can already tell me that it’s a worthless exercise :)

I wouldn’t bother using it, unless my app is receiving Facebook-like traffic.

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But maybe. :)

Yeah, I realize that the real-world use for it may be somewhat limited unless you’re dealing with a ridiculous amount of requests. It’s really more of an experimental idea but as it would require a good chunk of work and time, I was wondering how viable it would actually be.

Not really related to the post that you linked as he was just looking at using HipHop (which generates a standalone web server). There would be a lot of refactoring to do to compile Yii into a PHP extension.

Thanks for the reply :)

I would like to compile my php code using hphp not for speed as Yii already proved that it’s incredibly fast but for code protection in case the server is hacked. Any alternative solution to this?