Highway Average Gross Profit M

According to the Xinhua News Agency high electricity prices, the spirits high prices is well known, however, and compared to these two industries, the highways gross profit margin was comparable. Highway company earned pours even business development to real estate, finance. The average gross profit margin of up to 56.08% from dozens to several hundred thousand dollars, or vice versa, the steady stream of vehicles to pay highway tolls to become the main source of revenue for highway listed companies. Busy road traffic is the achievement of a high gross profit margin of these companies. Highway 19 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen A shares have 13 announced the 2011 annual report, the average gross profit margin as high as 56.08%, even up to 91.14% in Chongqing Road & Bridge gross margin. The gross margin levels even more than the liquor industry. The data show that Guizhou Maotai 2010 gross margin was 90.95%. Is not only the Chongqing Road & Bridge, Anhui Expressway, the Longjiang traffic, Dongguan Holdings gross profit margin in more than 60%. From the perspective of the industry as a whole, the highway industry average gross profit margin is much higher than the real estate industry, almost equal to the liquor industry. According to the statistics of the financial exchange data, the real estate industry in 2011 the average gross profit margin was 39.38%, gross margin over 60% of a handful of listed companies, while the highway listed companies easily beyond the "bar". The main business to make money fought in real estate, financial, although the main industry gross profit margin is staggering, but the listed companies to make money by charging tolls, not satisfied with this. After all, the rate of return on net assets, the return of the highway industry is relatively limited. Special clean-up from last years toll roads, these highways listed companies feel the pressure. Jiangsu Expressway said in its annual report for the 2012 business development targets and measures, nationwide toll road special clean-up will be completed by the end of May 2012 of a stage, do not rule out at this stage there will be a new policy. introduced, may be would be the companys main business impact. At the same time, "in an orderly way to develop and sell real estate projects Jiangsu Expressway in 2012, another important task. "Since the real estate business was officially launched in 2009, has won multiple real estate projects, including Huaqiao Kunshan, Suzhou, Changlang District, and Jurong Baohua Town, a wholly owned subsidiary rather Shanghai Real Estate. Fought in the real estate is not just Jiangsu Expressway one, including Shandong Expressway, including a number of highway listed companies have real estate projects in the development of the sales process. CICC analysts review the research report pointed out that the arduous tasks in high-speed performance of Shandong, Shandong Expressway will foster real estate business to become a new profit growth p