Hide The Buttons For Cbuttoncolumn In Cgrid View


i want to hide the buttons for cbuttoncolumn in cgrid view for condition where id=1.

my code


this not working…any idea?

You’re using the assignment operator instead of equality. Change = to ==.

yes i change = to == but no result.

my code







‘visible’ is not evaluated for every row - it only says whether whole column should be visible or not: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/1.1/CGridColumn#visible-detail

in your case - not empty string ‘$data->id==1’ is simply treated as ‘true’ and it does not matter what you put in it.

Thanks for you reply.

yes i changed the code from ‘$data->id==1’ to ‘$data’->id==1,. so in result cbutton columns is disappear.

So what code i should use for making the row of buttons coums hide if there is id=1.??

thanks again…

You could use cssClassExpression to apply a class to the column when you don’t want to display the cell. You’d have to set the css for that class to display:none;

What you’re doing with the visible attribute is incorrect. You should probably remove that attribute from your configuration.

how it be possible…can u little bit help for code…?


In column config:


    return $data->id == 1 ? 'hidden-buttons' : '';


In your css:

.hidden-buttons { display:none; }

Sir,i used above code in array as






		{    return $data->id == 1 ? 'hidden-buttons' : ''; },




but there is error on page "Trying to get property of non-object ".plz see this thanks