Hide one of the filter column gridview

Hi everyone

i want to use a range slider in the gridview search filter but when i add it in the gridview filter it works funny.

As soon as user clicks on the slider it triggers ‘applyfilter’ continuously.

I want the applyfilter to only trigger when slider stops and not when user clicks on slider.

I am using code like below.

<?= GridView::widget([


            'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,

            'filterModel' => $searchModel,


            'columns' => [


                    'class' => 'yii\grid\CheckboxColumn',




                    'attribute' => 'email',

                    'label' => 'Email',

                    'value' => 'users.email',



                    'attribute' => 'gender',

                    'label' => 'Gender',

                    'value' => 'users.gender',



                    'attribute' => 'age',

                    'label' => 'Age',

                    'value' => 'users.age',

                    'filter' => Slider::widget([















But like i said when i use it like this as soon as user clicks on the slider it sends request continuously to the server for filter data.

I want that to apply only when slider stops.

Let me know if any way to do that.

Which silder widget are you using? Try this one:


It has these events to help you with:

    pluginEvents = [

        "slideStart" => "function() { log("slideStart"); }",

        "slide" => "function() { log("slide"); }",

        "slideStop" => "function() { log("slideStop"); }",

        "slideEnabled" => "function() { log("slideEnabled"); }",

        "slideDisabled" => "function() { log("slideDisabled"); }",


Yeah i tried that. But i think before triggering that event yii2 in built gridview applyfilter event kicks in as soon as user clicks on the slider.

So when user is sliding the range slider it keeps on triggering the applyfilter event.

I want to trigger the apply filter event when user stops sliding.

Thank you