Hide Cjuitabs

hi guys…

nice to meet u again…:)

I’m using cJuiTabs that should be a dynamic one, which means some of these tabs are invisible when user doesn’t have the authority to view it.

And my question is, is there anyway possible to do it?

thank you…:)


I hope this link will give u some solution


check dynamic cjuitabs… instead of css color u have to apply visible property… dont ask me how to implement visible property :)

u should have user rights system… :)

okay…tq chandran…:)

i’ll try to take a look first…

if nothing goes right, I will ask it back…:D

i already try,but it still didn’t hide the tabs…

any another solutions to hide the content of a CJuiTab due to access level?


have u checked whether your access level is working or not?

what did u tried?

can you copy your code here ?

Good question ;) Did You found solution?