HHVM status


I’d like to get started with HHVM but wasn’t sure if it was 100% with Yii yet. I saw Cebe had said it was on a Github issue. But I checked HHVM’s website today and it said 99.71%

I don’t know much about HHVM so unsure what would be incompatible with HHVM in that 0.29%. Will my app seriously falter or are they very obscure incompatibilities that likely wouldn’t effect Yii?



I’m waiting for PHP7. It looks very optimistic and should be faster than HHVM.

you may test it. I saw errors, when tested hhvm 2.3 with yii 2.0.0, basic application template.

If there are errors is it a case that it’s something HHVM need to work on or Yii need to, to allow it to be 100%?

I’m still not any close to my answer here in terms of running Yii 2 with HHVM as someone who has never used HHVM. What kind of problems will arise from using the HHVM with Yii as of today?