hey,qiang,what's your opinion about zendframework

hey,qiang,someone comment on zend framework that it is too huge,too slow!I don’t think this is objectively.

I wander what’s you opinion about it?


I’m not qiang ;) but I used ZF for 10 months every day last year. Is it slow? If people don’t know what they are doing it can be slow, yes. Is it too huge? IMHO, it is a great framework, well, Zend folks are writing it, cannot be that bad and it has bunch of features.

But, the learning curve is huge for ZF. If you are a new comer to the MVC structure and trying to build an app with it, first you’ll get confused, later frustrated and at the end you wanna try RAILS ;)

I also used CakePHP a long time ago (1.1) and I honestly think that Yii is the easiest to learn out of these there.


I’m not sure whether this is objective either. ;)


Could you please count how many files Yii uses to provide MVC capabilities? (Not taking yiilite.php into account.)

Then, please guess how many files Zend invokes for the same functionality.

I had no real experience with ZF at all. I only read part of its code and documentation. Here’s my impression:

  • ZF is great as a library (so too big is not a bad thing at all);
  • the minimum overhead of ZF could be big, but that shouldn’t be a real concern unless you are developing sites with huge traffic;
  • ZF has many places that are over-designed (such as Zend_Form), which makes them overly complicated (IMHO, a script language like PHP should NOT follow everything from a compiled language);
  • finally, ZF lacks support for a powerful ORM implementation.

And it’s also developed by a company with nothing more but materialistic expectations from whatever they build so I tend to believe that ZF will change in time to be, maybe, functional only on Zend Servers? To change licensing the way ExtJs did?