Heroku + Yii

Hi guys!

Some I’ve been creating webapps with Yii for quite some time now and I just created a free Heroku account but, I’m not even able to run a normal webapp one can create with Yiic. Does anyone has a Yii webapp hosted in Heroku? some advice to give??


Almost forgot!

It throws me this error:

Application runtime path "/app/www/protected/runtime" is not valid. Please make sure it is a directory writable by the Web server process.

Does someone knows what it means?

Heroku has read only file system. You can only write to tmp.

Good luck :)

Were you able to use Yii on heroku?

I actually just set up my system on heroku and ran into that same problem. I wrote a post about it, I hope it helps. I’d be happy to answer any questions