Helping To Fix Yii 2.0 Bugs

Is there someone who can hold my hand in deciding which Yii 2.0 issue to start working on? There are only 2 issues marked ‘Ready for adoption’ and for one it’s not even clear if the issue is fixed already. If someone can help me choose a bug that isn’t too difficult I’m pretty sure I can handle most of the rest on my own. I’m diving in here because Yii 2.0 looks very promising and I want to see it released for beta and then general adoption as quickly as possible.

If it’s open then issue isn’t fixed.

I’d suggest checking Gii stuff that is easily can be seen in action.

Thanks for the quick response. I only found 2 open gii issues. #1073 was for MS SQL which I don’t have, so I’m not sure if I could work on that. The other, #1280, looks like cebe already submitted a first draft over 2 months ago. Any other suggestions? I’m eager to help and have 20+ years coding experience

@Todd C: Thank you for willing to contribute.

There are several ways you can help to accelerate issue fixing: 1. help review or reproduce an issue; 2. propose a solution; 3. submit a merge request with a fix.

You may start with the latest issues. This is because old issues are usually reviewed already, and they are often not trivial to fix (especially those very old ones). After you have more experience with issue fixing, you may work on those old issues.

Before you start to create a fix for an issue, make sure you add a note to the corresponding thread saying you will work on the issue. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion. Looking at the newest issues did the trick. I commented on issue #2139 and am just waiting for some feedback.