PHPTI (http://phpti.com) is a light-weight, pure PHP, very simple tool that makes template inheritance and multi level view nesting a joy.

Yii theme engine doesn’t provide this features, it’s based on PHP and Yii developers don’t like a new template framework syntax. so… PHPTI with just 300 lines of code and no performance affect is the best for us. I’ve seen people asked for view inheritance and I’m one of them too.

YTheme is a static helper class for Yii with no setup and short access code that provides PTI in your view files. you can find more info in Extension page:


Hello RKK. I am the creator of PHPTI. Thanks for posting about it and making the ytheme Yii extension. I have changed the URL of the homepage for the PHPTI project. However, this forum is preventing me from posting the real URL for spam reasons, but it is “arshaw dot com slash phpti”. I’m about to phase out the top level phpti domain, so could you update the above link to the new url?

Also, would you be able to edit the links on the extensions page?

Thanks so much. I owe you one. Cheers!