Please help

I’m new to yii, and to php too…(rough I know). Here’s what i need to do. My application allows users to login to a room, a lot like a chat room but used for another purpose. I have built the tables for a room and a user in a mysql database. What I need to know, and am having trouble understanding, is what classes do I need to build to get/process data from those two tables to a view. When a user logs in, if this user does not already exist in the db, a new user object will be created and then inserted into the db, the same for when they enter room name/number. There is no other validation needed really. Any input at all is appreciated

Thanks guys

Read the guide - it’s good! :)

Do you have a working database schema?

With tables and all?

Then all you need to do to get started is to run Gii - the Yii code generator.

That should leave you with a working starting point.