Help with TbCarousel images

Hi guys, i am using a TbCarousel widget to show some images and i want to set images size, i have been trying to set each image size with htmlOptions in the TbCarousel attributes but that doesn’t work, the thing is if you guys know how to change images size, which attribute need to be setted to change that??

Here’s the TbCarousel code:

<?php $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbCarousel', array(



        	'image'=> 'images/biblioteca-sara-jimenez2.jpg',

        	'label'=>'Reinauguran Biblioteca "Sara Jimenez"'

                'htmlOptions'=>''width'=>'1200px', 'height'=>'800px'),


            'image'=> 'images/biblioteca-sara-jimenez1.jpg',

            'label'=>'Nueva infraestructura de la biblioteca'),


            'image'=> 'images/biblioteca-sara-jimenez3.jpg',

            'label'=>'Reinauguran Biblioteca "Sara Jimenez"'),


)); ?>

i hope you can help me with this

Thanks in advance!!

Check if this will help.