Help with starting


I’m totally new to this, but everything about this framework looks really promising!

But I have one issue, and that is that I’m not completely satisfied with the tutorials out there, and I’m looking for a simple tutorial showing how you would go about for customizing the index page to be more like a web 2.0 frontpage. By that I meen, f.ex one big image on top, and three smaller images under this (like many web 2.0 pages). How would you go about when creating and styling this?

Frank B

ALSO! If you could point me to any good books etc that would be amazing

Hi frank.

Did you do the Larry Ullman tutorial? I can remember it having a chapter about layouts and views.

I have checked his tutorials out yes… but did not find alot of UI customization in them. Just creating controllers, views, connecting to database etc.

I need more info on customizing layouts, different layouts on different pages, and how to define what is to be presented in the sidebar for instance, when using column2 layout.