Help With Simple Query Using Find

Here is my query

$client=new Client;






In my db the field ‘sub_domain’ is a varchar. Here is the part I can’t figure out. When


is an integer the query works and returns the matching record. When it is a word such as ‘mysub’, then it does not find the matching row and returns a NULL.

Please advise fellers

Does it have anything to do with the way I am using single quotes in my find() ?


You can write this some thing look like this.

        $criteria = new CDbCriteria;

 	$criteria->select = 'id';

 	$criteria->addCondition("sub_domain LIKE '%sub_domain%'");


	$resultSet    =    Client::model()->find($criteria);


What is wrong with the way I was doing it. It seems as though the query constructed is


FROM client

WHERE sub_domain = sample_data

Instead of the way I need it, like this


FROM client

WHERE sub_domain = 'sample_data'

It doesn’t seem to be passing the data as a string to the query. The reason I think so is because if sample_data = 1, then it returns the correct result. But if sample data is “wow”, then it doesn’t find the record.