Help with installation with apache (phpinfo works but yii app does not)

(Mariofloresg) #1

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy a small app (using yii 2) to a linux server with apache 2.4. I keep getting a 500 error when trying the application: …/~user/html/app/web/index.php

When I try the URL …/~user/html/app/web/info.php (this a php script with phpinfo() in it), this works fine and the PHP info page is shown.

But when I try …/~user/html/app/web/index.php (same directory), I get the 500 error.

There are no logs in the runtime/logs directory. I have set it up as dev environment to try to debug but nothing shows up.



(Mariofloresg) #2

Fixed by deleting the whole directory and re-installing the app.