Help with ClistView and CJuiButton

Hello everybody,

My problem is:

I have a ClistView widget related to a model (items),

and the ClistView has a partial view (_view).

What I want to do is add a CJuiButton in every item of the ClistView.

That button must update the model, in one particular attribute called "status".

The "status" value that I want to pass to the model is always "1" , if the user clics

the button then the model is updated to "1".

any idea for this integration of Clist and CJuibutton?

Thanks in advance…

pd: Clistview is working fine, and I added the CJuibutton to the partial view (_view),

but i can´t figure out how to make the button update the model whith the given value (1).

Create an action like that:

public function actionUpdateStatus($id, $status)



   $model->status= $status;



Now the create the links like that:

CHtml::link('Update Status', array('id'=>$model->id, 'status'=>1));

Thanks a lot!

It worked for me!