Help using two models together

Hi everyone!

I’m very impressed with this framework! I’ve read a lot of documentation and, sorry, I’ve a lot of doubts…

Well, this should be a really simple question:

I’ve a table called “jobs”, this table should holds portfolio’s data (title, client, date, description and so on).

Jobs can have as many media files as needed (images and videos), so there is another table called medias.

I don’t know the best way to using the first model (job) and the second model (media) together. Since I will add jobs accessing this url: http://localhost/index.php?r=job/create and medias with http://localhost/index.php?r=media/create, how can I create an controller to one job and many medias as needed? (despite further problems: validation, file handling, auth… )

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This will help you

How to use a single form to collect data for two or more models?

and this

Collection tabular input

Sorry, welcome, and enjoy it!!!

Hi PoL,


Exactly! I’ll try that, thanks!

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