Help Understanding Basic Relation

Hi, I have a problem understanding relations.

I have these tables:


- name (pk)

- status_id (fk references status(id))


- id (pk)

- name

So in Module I declare relations:

public function relations()


  return array(

    'status'=>array( self::HAS_ONE, 'Status', 'status_id' ),



However this doesn’t work.

I have a problem understanding if the constants apply to the relationed model or the current model, example Module HAS_ONE Status or if should be Status BELONGS_TO a Module.

Note that BELONGS_TO does work, so maybe I am answering myself but I would like some advice on how to better understand relations, because in the YII Guide examples, a user HAS_ONE Profile, so isn’t it the same as user HAS_ONE status?

Thanks a lot.


please see it…

i hope it’s help…