Help troubleshooting user

I have a fully functional app. It’s been operational for 3+ years.

I overlooked a component of security and am trying to correct that now and am run into an problem that I need guidance on to identify the source.

I’ve create a new database login user with permission on the specific database (Azure SQL database in this case). I have confirmed with SSMS that the connection works, I can crud without issue. However, when I update the credentials in my app config, I get nothing, the web app simply loads a blank page.

I’ve inspected the network calls and there is not response whatsoever. I’ve checked the runtime logs, nothing.

How can I identify where, why, how this isn’t working so I can resolve the issue?

As always, thank you for any help!

  1. Check Yii logs
  2. Check Apache or IIS logs (all kinds of logs, access, errors, et al)
  3. Try simple PHP script with PDO and see if it works
    Based on these tests and posting findings we can further help!
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After reviewing the apache error.log, I was able to resolve the issue. Thank you so very much. I looked at the yii logs, but overlooked the apache logs! Entirely my fault.

Thank you

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You are welcome!