Help To Setup My Controller And View

hi all

my controller look like this

public function actionGetSensorsData($tractionId,$sDate,$eDate)


		$result = array();


		header('Content-Type: application/json; charset="UTF-8"');


		// get all sensors 

		$sensorsIds=Sensor::model()->findAllBySql('SELECT sens_id FROM lead where node_id="'.$tractionId.'";');


		foreach ($sensorsIds as $s)



		  $sResult = array();



			$modelSensors = SensorInfo::model()->findAllBySql('SELECT * FROM information_sens  where sens_id= "'.$s['sens_id'].'" and

			"'.$sDate.'" <= information_sens_time and 


			information_sens_time <= "'.$eDate.'" 


			order by information_sens_temps ASC;');



			foreach($modelSensors as $res){


                     $sResult[] = array(($res['information_sens_temps']),intval($res['information_sens_value']));



			$data= array('data'=>$sResult);

			$name = array('name'=>$s['sens_id']);






		$json = CJSON::encode($result);

		echo $json ;




this contoller give as output

[{"name":"sensor_1","data":[["2012-12-01 15:00:00.070",45],["2012-12-01 15:00:00.281",95],["2012-12-01 15:00:00.883",104] ........]}]

I use this output with higcharts y ajax call to draw the graph.

Now I want to use the same output to display this data in a table format .

how can I achieve this, and how I get this json again ? usualy I use a simple code


 <?php  if(count($modelSensors)>=1) {

 foreach($modelSensors as $models) : ?>


  <td>  <?php echo $models['information_sens_id'] ; ?> </td>

  <td> <?php echo $models['information_sens_time'] ; ?> </td>

  <td> <?php echo $models['information_sens_value'] ; ?> </td>	

  <td> <?php echo $models['sens_id'] ; ?> </td>												  


 <?php endforeach; 

 }else {?>


   <td colspan='2' style="text-align:center;">Sorry no history found for this Node</td>


 <?php } ?>


but I cant pass the start date and the end date to fetch the corresponding data? should make separate method for my table?

I know is not really a yii issue

but I count on your kindness

many thanks !