Help To Learn Yii

Hi everybody. I just started to learn yii. It is powerfull framework. I learn how it works, how configurate it, what is MVC? Gii? widjets? beradcrumbs? work with database? validation and other things… Can somebody tell me? with classes are most useful and important to create site? :unsure:

Hi s2ral and welcome to Yii framework :)

In summary:

MVC = Model, Viewer, Controller. So you sould seperate your code according to what the code does. (show something=view, caclulate something (logic)=controller, or store/fetch something = model)

Gii helps you to generate:

standard code according to table schema of your database (model) or code to manage view,create,update,delete records of any created model (crud)

widgets are configured by yourself components to display for example datagridview, colorpicker, timepicker, forms by write yourself very few line of code.

breadcrumbs is a widget to navigate you in a site from root page to specified one :)

Hi s2ral,

I would like to recommend you to learn Yii by diving into some tutorial.

I mean, “Larry Ullman’s Learning Yii Series” or “The Yii Blog Tutorial”.

Doing tutorials yourself is the fastest way to comprehend what the framework is like and what you are expected to do with it.

thanks all but I did not want to write "MVC? Gii? widjets? beradcrumbs? work with database?"

?= , :) these meens I know them but in azeri shirft the “,” symbol is “?” sorry for mistake :)

the below link is very useful for beginners…

i hope you will learn most of basics from this, , its one of my fav link

try it…