Help to create a CMS

Hello developers from all the world. I recently decided to use Yii as my development framework helper and i´m very satisfied with it. But i have a question and i will be very happy if anyone help me on this.

So, i´m starting to develop my own CMS (i´ll make it available in this community as soon as its first version is finished) and i was woundering where should i develop it. After i finish it i would like to use it to build sites quickly, so i would like to make it as a framework to be included in my projects and use it as backend of my next sites. The question is: should i build it as an extension in Yii? Or as a module? Or just as a commun project and then include it on the next projects?

I hope i´m been clear enought but maybe my english can make me not understandble.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards, Matheus.


Please guys, help me!!!

a CMS can be anything, a simple page maker, a complex typo3 clone

define CMS

in general I would say, your CMS should be an app instead of an extension or module

I´m planning to make a complete CMS!!! Page maker, administration tools, modules for contact, forum, article management, creation of menus and etc…So, you think it must be an app, right? And how can i put it to be the cms in my next website? I mean, will i put it as a lib?

Thanks mbi!!!

Check this project for some ideas -

Thanks mdomba, this project will really help me to make some project decisions, to be honest after looking into this project i am now in doubt if i build my own or use what they did!!! hahahaha…the system i have in mind are very similar to them!!!

Then the best option would be to get in touch with the developers and collaborate with them, working together on one project would make it much better than working everyone for himself ;)

Yeah…it would be a nice thing to do but is complicated because i´m newbie using Yii and my idea is to build a CMS to learn about the framework!!! But anyway, i´ll get some ideas they have and mix with my own and build my CMS!!! What i´m really appreciating is the structure of they project, i´ll use something like that on my own project.

Again, thank you very much for the tip!