Help Required To Understand Following Frontend / Backend Approach

I am reading this article and lost how

fontend/www/index.php and

backend/www/index.php will be accessible

while I need it otherwise e.g like



Is there any obvious thing I am missing ( e.g sub-domain , I don’t want to setup a sub-domain ) ?

It could be great if someone could flesh out some basic structure for this kind of application so everyone could get reference

thanks for your kind support

You have to change your Web server’s virtual host configuration to reflect the root directory.

I suspected that, the article missing the description (never mentioned vhost single time in whole article).

Someone should correct the title or mention it that it required subdomain (vhosts).

Thanks for confirming it .

I have followed this article as well, but I am using subdomains so it works for me. Sorry I don’t have an example to show you but I would imagine it wouldn’t be that hard to bind the backend app to a subdirectory.

I’m guessing you could setup your app structure like:



and then you’d have to modify your Apache rewrite rules to forward requests to admin to your admin/index.php. Maybe you could even skip putting the admin folder as a subdirectory of the frontend/www folder and just use rewrite rules to forward requests appropriately to backend/www/index.php

Take a look at clevertechs boilerpalte (Yii + Yii Booster with this structure) the readme may help you a little bit.

Boilerplate Github

skworden, that is awesome ,thanks