Help required for defining custom rule for Facebook Invitation


I have an app with the Url,

I have the following rules defined my custom Url class that extends CUrlManager

// Site Rules

$this->rules = array(

	 'game/save' => 'site/userGame/create',

	 'user/deauthorize' => 'site/userAuthActivity/deauthorize',

	 'game/play' => 'site/userGame',

	 'tab' => 'site/tab',

	 'game/<_c:([a-zA-z0-9-]+)>' => 'site/userGame/<_c>',

	 'user/invitation/<_c:([a-zA-z0-9-]+)>' => 'site/UserInvitation/<_c>',

	 'gameDetail/<_c:([a-zA-z0-9-]+)>' => 'site/userGameDetail/<_c>',

	 '<request_ids:\d+>' => 'site/userInvitation/accept/<request_ids>',				

	 '' => 'site/userGame'


With ‘<request_ids:\d+>’ => ‘site/userInvitation/accept/<request_ids>’, rule, I am expecting the above url take my accept method UserInvitation controller, but it didn’t. All other rules work as expected except this one.

Can anyone help me to define the correct pattern?