help redirect

hi all,

I installed a CRM (zurmo) that uses the yii framework, I have a problem I can not remove the redirect from createurl function.

this is the code

protected function getCreateMeetingUrl()


        if (!$this->relationModel && !$this->relationModuleId)


            return Yii::app()->createUrl('/meetings/default/createMeeting',

                                         array('redirectUrl' => $this->redirectUrl, 'startDate' => $this->stringTime));




            $params = array(

                'relationAttributeName' => get_class($this->relationModel),

                'relationModelId'       => $this->relationModel->id,

                'relationModuleId'      => $this->relationModuleId,

                'startDate'             => $this->stringTime,

                'redirectUrl'           => $this->redirectUrl,



            return Yii::app()->createUrl($this->moduleId . '/' .

                                    $this->controllerId . '/createFromRelationAndStartDate/', $params);



Is there someone who can help me?



You need to add more details about what you want to do and why you cannot remove the redirect.

thanks for the reply, I have the need to speed up data entry and I want after saving it to remain on the same page instead of returning home.

I tried to remove the redirect from the parameters but does not work

What other details do you need?


This looks like a matter of modyfying the code to remove the redirect part from the parameter. Probably it’s better to leave it though and replace it with the url of the new form to come back to add new entry.

I don’t know Zurmo so I can not help you with the redirecting thing. Since this is a part of CRM processing functionality you should look for an answer at Zurmo website.

Unfortunately the community zurmo seems dead I asked but no answer. Thanks anyway


thank you, for this little thing should reconfigure it all over again. I am considering x2CRM