Help on shortcut functions, missing Captcha

Hi guys,

I tried placing shortcut functions, created a globals.php and placed require once on the index.php just below yii…



the shortcut functions work smoothly… BUT i noticed that the captcha images are no longer generated, but if i try to comment out //require_once($globals); the images are generated again…

can you help me find a fix for this?

P.S. i also tried placing the require once globals.php above the require once yii… still the same cant see the Captcha image…


guys need a little help here :)

  1. I would first check if globals.php has trailing white spaces after the last "?>".

  2. If it’s OK, then I would include globals.php with its content totally commented out and see captcha will work or not.

  3. If it works, then I would remove the comments one by one to find out the function that is causing the problem.

It’s the joy of debugging. :D

Thanks softark… will do, sorry for the late reply :D